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WomanRising Fund FAQs

1What is WomanRising Fund?
WomanRising Fund is a diversified investment plan, which invests in Equities, Fixed Income Securities, Private Equity Funds and Collective Investment Schemes.
2Why should I invest in the WomanRising Fund?
  • Helps investors create an emergency fund: In times of emergency, you can turn to your WomanRising Fund Investment for support instead borrowing.
  • Support Women Entrepreneurs: Your investment goes a long way to support women entrepreneurs in expanding and starting their businesses.
3How does the WomanRising Fund work?
Our Investment Partner, Nimed Capital pools funds from its shareholders and invests solely in money market investments. Shareholders realize returns when the Fund’s prices increase beyond the price at which it was purchased. Interest earned by the Fund’s investments is reinvested in the Fund.
4How much do I need to be able to invest in the WomanRising Fund?
The minimum (lump sum) investment that an individual can make into the WR Fund is GHC 500. However, you can start from a Pre-Investor Stage where you will need to pay GhC 100Note that the Fund is open-ended, you can top up your investment at any point in time.
5Can I access the funds in my investment anytime I need money?
6What returns do I make as an investor in the WR Fund?
7Can I make deposits into my account through other banks?
8Can men also invest in the WR Fund?