WR Fund Initiatives

In our bid to ensure that our members are equipped with all the resources and information they need in order to become financially independent and make good financial decisions, we have created the following initiatives for their benefit.

Projects. Events. Workshops.

Empowering & Equipping Women Financially!


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Fund AGM

A WomanRising Fund Annual General Meeting for the members and investors of the WomanRising Fund. This is where a full report of the fund's activities will be read and matters relating to the fund discussed.


The WomanRising 100 Millionaires’ Initiative is more focused on strategic positioning, competitive branding, capacity building, access to information, productive networking, coaching and entrepreneurship development being the essential tools to making women more valuable to the market place and invariably increasing their revenue and net worth.

Emerging Women
Millionaires Summit

The Emerging Women Millionaires Summit (EWMS) is designed to bring together women; young and old desirous of financial freedom and independence and building legacy businesses and glass ceiling breaking careers.

100 Emerging Women Millionaires in Ghana / Africa

This is a carefully researched and curated list of 100 Women in Ghana and Africa who are on the track to become Millionaires. The list will celebrate their efforts and showcase what they do.

Literacy Workshops

These are monthly workshops both on and offline facilitated by financial experts with the aim of providing education and information to our members and WomanRising Fund Investors to enable them make better financial and investment decisions.

Fund Publications

The WomanRising Fund Publications are articles, blog posts, books etc. that are written and produced on various financial situations, topics and ideas. These publications could be digital or print. They are however monthly and quarterly.